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Competition Schedule 02-03

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Sideline 2003
Varsity Competitive 2002-2003

Competitions attended by Varsity Competitive during 2002-2003, and Results

December 21, 2002 - Holiday Cheers to You!, hosted by Cheer! Michigan @ West Bloomfield High School (MCCA)
3rd Place! 15 points from 1st!

Pictures from Holiday Cheers

January 11, 2003 - Irish Invitational, hosted by NOTRE DAME PREP!! @ NDP (MHSAA)
3rd Place!

Pictures from Irish Invitational

January 18, 2003 - Marine City Invitational, hosted by Marine City @ Marine City High School (MHSAA)
4th Place! (Round 2 Penalty: Skill 5, Round 3 Penalty: Improper Spotting x3, Team member contact x1)

Pictures from Marine City

February 2, 2003 - Catholic League Championship, hosted by CHSL @ Livonia Ladywood High School (MHSAA)
4th Place!

Pictures from Catholic Leagues

February 8, 2003 - Ladywood Competitive Cheer Meet, hosted by Ladywood @ Livonia Ladywood High School (MHSAA)
10th Place (Round 1 Penalty: Mat Violation x 3, Round 2 Penalty: Mat Violation, Round 3: Two 2.0 Falls)

Pictures from Ladywood

February 15, 2003 - St. Clair Cheer Classic, hosted by St. Clair @ St. Clair High School (MHSAA)
6th Place! (Round 3 Penalty: Time Violation)

February 22, 2003 - MHSAA Regionals, Region VIII, hosted by Stoney Creek @ Stoney Creek High School
5th Place! 2.5 points from 4th!
34th out of 53 for the whole state!

Pictures from Regionals