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Pictures from Regionals
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Varsity Competitive 2004-2005
Sideline 2004
Varsity Competitive 2003-2004
Sideline 2003
Varsity Competitive 2002-2003

Region VIII, 2003 - 5th Place

NDP drew the 1st position for Round 1. (Meaning we had to go first.)
Congratulations to Katie for making the All-Regional Team 2003!

breathe, breathe...
Watch carefully now, the blades disappear!

Ready, set!
The team prepares to begin Round 1.

Going first can be considered either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you view competition.  Actual members of teams more than likely prefer NOT to go first, however, going first can give you an upper hand.  Example:  Judges tend to judge the first team EASIER than the other teams.  This is true at tryouts as well.  It's not something judges do on purpose, it just happens.   As judges see more teams, more material and more talent they generally think to themselves: "Wow...And I gave (fill in team name here) a good score!!"  On the other hand, going first can make a team nervous, and nervous teams are simply that; Nervous.  If you are too busy looking nervous you most certainly will not look confident!

"Irish Pride can't go wrong!"
Middle/end of Round 1

Who's the best? Yell NDPHS!
End of Round 1

Aw, how precious!
Kendal and Katie

We're done!  We're free!
The team poses for a picture after Awards.

Smile pretty!
Sara, Stephanie, Ashley and Cara enjoy the party.

Flyers that look down, FALL DOWN!
Round 3 - "The most solid heelstretch-lib ever!"

Kendal: How did I get yanked into this picture?
End-of-Season, After-Regionals Party!

Enough said.

Competition Schedule 02-03