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Pictures from Irish Invitational
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Varsity Competitive 2004-2005
Sideline 2004
Varsity Competitive 2003-2004
Sideline 2003
Varsity Competitive 2002-2003

First annual Irish Invitational, 3rd Place

Poor Marist, in the wrong shells
NDP with Marist Academy before Awards
No, listen to me!
Waiting for Awards

     What a day! 
     The girls stayed after the basketball game the night before to set up the mats, judges table, tally table, and to run formations.  They had to arrive at NDP at 8am to finish setting up, braid hair, and of course, warm-up!  It was the first time NDP had ever hosted their own competition, and  it was a small one!  Next year's is already shaping up to be bigger! 
     Notre Dame Prep came in a close third, and  Marist also got a chance to practice being in front of the crowd, and recieved the
"Outstanding Performance" trophy! 
Good job Irish Cheerleading!

Aww, isn't that cute?
Sisters Molly (MA) and Ashley (NDP)

Competition Schedule 02-03