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Pictures from Marine City
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Varsity Competitive 2004-2005
Sideline 2004
Varsity Competitive 2003-2004
Sideline 2003
Varsity Competitive 2002-2003

MC Invitational 2003 - 4th Place

Everyone had to meet at NDP at 6am in order to be on time to this competition, that means that everyone (including us coaches!) had to get up at 5am or earlier!

Mmmm, food!
The team relaxes after Round 3.

This was our first experience with penalties...
In Round 2 we received an "Incorrect performance of a Round 2 requirement/skill" penalty, for facing the "wrong" way during Skill 5, a Right Front Hurdler jump.  This penalty took 14 points off our total Round 2 score, and was entirely a choreography error.  (Sorry, girls!)
In Round 3 we received the "Incorrect spotting techniques" penalty, worth -7 points, three times, for a total of 21 points taken from our final Round 3 score.  In addition, we also recieved a "Team member contact during a split" penalty, which took another seven points off our total Round 3 score.
However, these talented ladies still came in 4th!

Competition Schedule 02-03