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Pictures from Ladywood
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Varsity Competitive 2004-2005
Sideline 2004
Varsity Competitive 2003-2004
Sideline 2003
Varsity Competitive 2002-2003

10th annual Ladywood Competitive Cheer Meet - 10th Place

Steph: Yeah, I took the floor on my own...
Exiting mat after Round 1

This was the hardest/most disappointing competition for the girls...We had injuries three days before, and one the night before.  In Round 3 Warm-up, Sara got knocked pretty hard in the face by a flyer.  We took several mat violations; three in Round 1 for "Illegal Entrance on Mat", and one in Round 2, for "Illegal Exit off Mat".  Round 3 was a little shaky, and we had two 2.0 falls.  However, the girls did very well, all things considered!  This competition was the first competition that Katie did her full-twisting back layout, we will never forget the crowd's reaction to that! 
This competition also inspired the NDP trademark: Team Crabstands.  (Thank you Stephanie!)

Competition Schedule 02-03