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Varsity Competitive 2002-2003

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Varsity Competitive 2003-2004
Sideline 2003
Varsity Competitive 2002-2003

Who's afraid of Big Bad Green?

Awwww, we're dorks!!!!
Official Team Picture

     This team has had quite a bumpy road, but they met each challenge with heart and determination.  Only twelve girls tried out, and before the first practice, only eleven remained.  Before the third competition, only ten remained, with two unable to compete.  Imagine trying to compete with only eight girls...Now injury three more, and sit one out sick - These girls competed in Round 2 with only FOUR girls on the mat, the fewest number allowed in MHSAA competition, in Round 1 we took six, and only FIVE in Round 3 (we gained a deep appreciation for Cardinal Mooney).  Thankfully, it was only for one competition! After that ordeal, the girls learned an entirely NEW Round 3, and bounced back to come in 6th at St. Clair, and 5th at Regionals!  These girls are the most dedicated people we have ever seen, and we hope that they all continue to come back, and to our three soon-to-be Seniors, best of luck to you out in the "real" world!

Aren't we pretty?
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