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Pictures from O-M Fall
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Varsity Competitive 2003-2004
Sideline 2003
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Oakland-Macomb Fall Championship: Team Competition

Annie: You can't see motion in pictures, whew!
Hold it, hold it...

N-N...Why is ERIN the only one saying the words?
LEFT heelstretches, yeah, you like that!

Katie's group: CUE THE MUSIC!!
Notre Dame, FIGHT, FIGHT!

O-M Fall: Stunt Competition

Katie: Next I'll forget to "sassy" cradle!

This part isn't cool, the next part is...
Hydraulics all around, so I shake the ride...

Stephanie: This is the hardest part of the cheer!
N-O-T, T-R-E...

The team looked good and everyone was proud of their performance!  They were so good, in fact, that they scored the points to come in SECOND PLACE!  But a few minor penalties put them in third...-3 points when Katie accidentally tumbled off the front of the mat, -7 points when Kendal left her ear ring in, and of course, -20 points when Coachy-Coach forgot how to read a clock and we had a time violation (30 seconds over the time allowed!)...GOOD JOB TEAM!


Competition Schedule 2003-2004