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The 22-Point Basket Toss
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The story behind the "Wow!"

The original idea:  Be the first MHSAA team to successfully perform a basket toss with a straight ride up, toe touch, and 360-degree twist down to the cradle.
So we began preparing to accomplish this. 
We drilled toe-touch basket tosses at every practice, pushing the bases and spots to throw harder and higher each time, reminding the flyer to ride the toss. 
One night, after a week's worth of discussion and analyzing the toss, I gave Katie the secret nod to go ahead and add the twist down.  (The bases were clueless.)  It did not go as well as planned, Katie looked over her shoulder to initiate the twist, and chickened out!
So, instead we tried a 360-degree twist UP toe-touch basket toss, again without telling the bases.  Kendal, I think, was a bit miffed about that one, "WHAT WAS THAT?  All I saw was LEGS!"  The twist-up-toe-touch may have been the way to go, but the toe touch was a bit uneven, and it's not what the head coach had in mind.
SO we went back to practicing.  At the Catholic League Championship we performed a full twisting basket toss(360-degrees), with no added flairs.
Soon after, an accident was born...
180-degree twist up (4 points)+
Toe-touch flair (4points) +
180-degree twist down (4 points) +
Basket toss to cradle catch (10 points) =
22 points.

BUSTED! Now she ALWAYS has to jump like that!
Stephanie's toe-touch basket

Even DeWitt was impressed!
Katie's twist-up-toe-touch-twist-down basket.

Game Pictures
Varsity Competitive 2002-2004