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Varsity Competitive 2002-2003

Notre Dame Prep vs. Royal Oak Shrine

Way to wear the wrong bodysuit, Steph!
Elevators at the quarter
Who won??
Katie and Lauren after the Back Handspring Race

Shrine is in Royal Oak, and is also a member of the Catholic League.  Shrine is a slightly smaller school than NDP, but their cheer team is pretty awesome!  At this particular game, we invited their tumblers to join our tumblers in a Back Handspring Race.  Each team did a chant while their tumblers "raced" across the gym, doing back handsprings.  Honestly, the tumbler from Shrine won...But NDP fans were too busy cheering on their girls to know!

The cheerleaders join the B-ball players in a timeout

Game Pictures
Varsity Competitive 2002-2003